After many years I retired from running in 2016 because of nagging knee and other injuries. I replaced those activities by joining a crossfit gym and began working out with weights and cardio equipment. I am active in this and try to get in at least three workouts a week. Working out is very important for my mental health, and I hate to miss it.

Crossfit traditionally involve long workouts which emphasize changing between movements quickly to create a fluid but varied regimen. For example, any one workout may include several weightlifting, flexibility, gymnastic and cardio exercises. The result is that you get a focused workout but the constant varying of movement makes the experience more fun (in my opinion) and engaging. The workouts are by design intense, but good coaching keeps everything within a resonable limit.

In 2020, I and the gym I workout in (along with much of the crossfit community) disassociated with the Crossfit brand over the originator's offensive statements and positions towards the black lives matter movement. We now just go with the term weight training, but the principle approach remains largely the same.

Working out during COVID

One of the challenges during COVID was that (for obvious reasons) all of the gyms shut down. As a result a lot of people were left doing situps and pushups alone in their homes. I did that for a while, then decided to build a full gym in my house. Megan and I collected a lot of the equipment (which was hard to find) and built the gym in our sun room. What we collected was:

Once assembled we cut horse stall mats from the local farm supply story to line the floor, which allowed up to work out without damaging the house. That and some in-wall Infinity speakers connected to a Sonos setup (listening to loud music is the norm) in the ceiling and we were ready to go. All in all, it is pretty much everything you would find in a professional gym, and I am very happy with result. It was incredibly helpful for me during the many months of quarantine. I still am being programmed by my coach, but I never went back to the gym.

Patrick McDaniel -